B&C Property Solutions, Inc., delivers high-quality affordable housing and services that transform lives and strengthen communities.


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4 PM

What We Do

We Are A Nonprofit Developer Redefining Affordable Housing

Workforce housing and services build healthy communities

BCPS is a leader in the Florida communites of nonprofit builders of affordable housing. Currently, our nonprofit has a niche asset portfolio to work with partners and commitees to alleviate the housing issues.

These workforce housing communities create jobs and provide access to good schools, quality public utilities and infrastructure, convenient access to transportation, employment centers and healthcare plus a full spectrum of affordable housing choices – from Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa.

BCPS works with community leaders to provide resident services that enhance neighborhoods and transform the lives of low-income families, seniors on fixed incomes, formerly homeless children and adults, and those living with a mental health diagnosis.

Learn more about how BCPS develops, builds and manages award-winning affordable housing with resident services.