B&C Property Solutions, Inc., delivers high-quality affordable housing and services that transform lives and strengthen communities.


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4 PM

Affordable Housing Developer

Providing affordable housing with services throughout Northeast Florida

B&C Property Solutions, Inc. (BCPS) developments are platforms for community change. Resident lives are transformed by the support and stability of housing they can afford. Quality housing and collaborative partnerships enhance city spaces. It’s building for good. 

Florida cities currently face a critical housing crisis. BCPS is a nonprofit affordable housing developer with solutions that transform an entire community for the long-term.

We develop award-winning affordable housing across Florida, from Jacksonville to Tampa, with signature resident services that benefit the entire neighborhood. From renovation to new construction, BCPS delivers inclusionary, sustainable, supportive, and transit-oriented housing that’s a city asset where seniors, working families, and those who’ve experienced homelessness thrive in their own community.

With a collaborative focus, we bring together a nexus of municipal, financial, development, and community partners to create affordable housing that’s a platform for lasting change.